Computer Algebra Group at SFU - Past Meetings (Spring 1998 through Summer 2002)


    January 1998

 5  Petr Lisonek, ``Topics in Trigonometric Simplification''

12  Michael Monagan: The Sensitivity of Measuring Thomson's gamma
    Parameter in Weakly Anisotropic Media''

19  Greg Fee, ``Gaussian Quadrature for High-Precision''

26  FREE

28  George Labahn, ``When are Two Polynomials Relatively Prime?''

    February 1998

 2  Dominique Villard

 9  Allan Wittkopf

11  Edguardo Cheb-Terrab, ``Symmetries, Integrating Factors and ODE Patterns''

16  FREE

23  Kevin Hare, ``Some Applications of the LLL Algorithm''

    March 1998

 2  Petr Lisonek, ``Using the LLL Algorithm in Simplification''

 9  ASI Exchange '98

11  Luis Goddyn, ``Visualization of Combinatorial Algorithms''

16  Greg Fee, ``Gibb's Phenomenon''

23  Michael Monagan, ``Simplification of Polynomials''

25  FREE

30  Dominique Villard

    April 1998

 6  Allan Wittkopf, ``Factorization of c (a x + b)^n + d (e x + f)^n''


20  Kevin Hare, ``A Three Vertex Colouring of the Triangles-plus-Cycle Graph:
            A Graph Colouring Problem of Erdos''

27  Dominique Villard, ``Report on Status of Code Differentiator''

    June 1998

 9  Greg Reid, ``Formal Solvability of Differential Equations''

16  Maple Retreat

30  Kevin Hare: Computing the Taylor series coefficients for
    rational poly-exponential functions.

    July 1998

 8  Colin Rust, Rankings of Partial Derivatives and Elimination Algorithms
    for PDE and Commutative Algebra''

 8  Erich Kaltofen, ``Challenges of Symbolic Computation: My Favorite Open Problems''

 9  Erich Kaltofen: Efficient Algorithms for Computing the Nearest
    Polynomial with Constrained Roots.

14  Gert Almkvist, ``Asymptotic Estimates''

21  Thomas Wolf, ``The CRACK Package''

24  David Broadhurst, ``Computer-aided Discovery in Quantum Field Theory''

    August 1998

 4  (Math 498/990 final exam)

11  Allan Wittkopf, ``The Collins-Brown Multivariate GCD Algorithm''

18  term break

25  term break

    October 1998

1-3 Workshop on Parallel Symbolic Computation (MSRI, Berkeley, CA)

 5  Organizational meeting.   3:30pm, CECM

19  Organizational meeting.   3:40pm, TLX 10547 
26  Greg Fee, ``GCD's Using Genpoly''

    November 1998

 4  Michael Monagan, ``Generic and Efficient Algorithms'' (CECM Colloquium)
 9  Kevin Hare, ``Maple, the Process Package, Bernoulli Numbers and Parallel Computation''

16  Petr Lisonek, ``The Zero Recognition Problem for Elementary Constants''

23  Allan Wittkopf, ``A New Maple Implementation of the Collins/Brown Multivariate GCD Algorithm''

30  Bill Scott, ``The Time Dependence of Lake/Aquifer Systems-Modelling''

    December 1998

 7  Dominique Villard

14  Greg Reid

    February 1999

10  (snow storm - SFU was closed)

17  Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, ``Some Problems in Differential Eqations''

24  Michael Monagan, ``Maple Internal Structures and Consequences''

    March 1999

 3  Greg Fee, ``GCDs in Z[x,y] Using phi(a(x,y)) = a(h(y),y) for h(y) is in Z[y]''

10  Kevin Hare, ``RSA, LLL, and Coppersmith's Theorem''

17  Petr Lisonek, ``Reconstructing Complex Rationals from Modular Images''

24  Peter Borwein, ``Three Pieces of (Computational) Number Theory and a Litle Philosophy''

31  Mark Siggers, ``Generic Univariate Hensel Lifting''

    April 1999

 7  (starting at 9:00am!)
    Michael Ludkovski, ``Browns Dense Modular GCD Algorithm versus Zippel's
                       Sparse Modular GCD Algorithm'' (Directed Studies talk)
    Wolfram Bentz, ``Berlekamp's Factorization Algorithm for a(x) in Zp[x]''

14  Matt Klassen, ``The Reverse Engineering Calculator''


    9:30-9:50	Greg Fee: ``Gauss-Legendre quadrature''

    10:00-10:20	Allan Wittkopf: RIFsimp: a package for simplification
                and preprocessing of PDE/ODE systems.
    10:30-10:50	Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Computer algebra approach for 
                solving analytic systems of DEs.
    11:00-12:00	Jacques Carette: ``What's new in the Maple kernel.''
    1:30-2:30	Jaques Carette: ``What's new in the Maple library''
    2:30-2:50	Petr Lisonek: Simplification of elementary functions and 
                elementary constants in Maple.
    3:30-3:50	Kevin Hare: Rapid computation of Bernoulli numbers, Euler numbers 
               	 	and other rational poly-exponential functions.
    4:00-4:20	Matt Klassen: ``Number recognition: the reverse engineering calculator''

    May 1999

12  Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, ``On the Hunt for New Integrable Abel ODE Classes''

26  Petr Lisonek, ``Applications of Elimination Theory in Geometric Reasoning''

    June 1999

 2  Petr Lisonek, ``Applications of Elimination Theory in Geometric Reasoning'' (Part 2)
 9  Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, ``The Grassmann Package''

16  Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, ``The Quantum Fields (QFT) Package''

30  Michael Monagan, ``Visual's for Concepts in Undergrad Mathematics''

    July 1999

14  David Holmgren, ``Information from the Stars - Nonlinear Least-squares in Astrophysics''

21  Robert Israel, ``Rigidity of Tetrahedra''

28-31 ISSAC

    August 1999

 3  MITACS Symbolic Analysis Day
4 CECM 99
September 1999 22 Michael Monagan, ``Computing in Q(alpha)[x1,x2,...,xn] where the Number Field Q(alpha) has Low Degree'' 29 Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, ``dsolve Design'' October 1999 6 Michael Monagan: ``Rational Reconstruction Applied to lex Groebner Bases'' Greg Fee: ``Fast Computation of Binomial Coefficients'' 13 Allan Wittkopf: ``The Characteristic Sets Method for Solving Systems of Polynomial Equations'' Michael Monagan: ``A Fast Implementation of the Dense Modular GCD Algorithm for Z[x,y] and a Comparison with Other Methods in Maple'' 20 Petr Lisonek, ``Some Properties of Multipolynomial Resultants'' 27 Kevin Hare, ``Pisot Numbers''. November 1999 10 Colin Percival, ``Rapid Multiplication Modulo a +- b, e.g. k*2^n +- 1'' January 2000 12 Michael Monagan, Timing Results of a Maple Implementation of a Modified Version of Brown's GCD Algorithm for GCDs in Z[x,y] and Q(alpha)[x,y] 19 John Ogilvie and Greg Fee: Evaluation of Franck-Condon Factors with Maple 26 Keith Geddes: Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Methods Applied to Definite Integrals and ODEs February 2000 2 Agnes Szanto: Solving Degenerate Polynomial Systems over C Using an Extension of Characteristic Sets'' 9 Janez Ales: Towards a Sparse Implementation of Revised Simplex. 16 Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Tackling Ordinary Differential Equations in Maple Using Symmetry Methods - Part I 23 Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Tackling Ordinary Differential Equations in Maple Using Symmetry Methods - Part II March 2000 1 Allan Wittkopf, ``Sparse GCD Methods/Fast Numerical Computation in Maple'' 8 Greg Fee, ``Quadrature'' 15 Petr Lisonek, ``The Unwinding Number'' 22 Kevin Hare, ``Using Genetic Algorithms to find `nice' Polynomials'' 29 No meeting April 2000 5 Agnes Szanto, ``Generalization of the Subresultant Method'' 12 No meeting 19 Rick Leung, ``Groebner Bases'' (directed studies talk) 26 Colin Percival, ``A Distributed Search for Size 11 Solutions to the Tarry-Escott Problem'' May 2000 3 N. Mohankumar: TANH and IMT Quadratures. 24 Edgardo Cheb-Terrab and Theodore Kolokolnikov, Solving First Order ODEs using Linear Transformations 31 Peter Borwein: The Unreasonable Efficacy of Symbolic Computation -or- Imagine if Gauss had Maple. June 2000 14 Meeting postponed 28 Andrew Solomon, ``Solving Alientiles with GAP'' July 2000 5 Greg Fee, ``The Smith Normal Form of a Rectangular Matrix and How to Solve Linear Systems over the Integers'' 19 Data Structures and Algorithms for Polynomial GCD Computation - Michael Monagan: A New Data Structure for Multivariate Polynomial Arithmetic over Z, Q(alpha) and GF(p^k) - Craig Pastro: The Dense Modular GCD Algorithm in Z[x,y,z,...] and Zp[w][x,y,z,...] - Jennifer de Kleine: ``The Sparse Modular GCD Algorithm of Zippel'' - Allan Wittkopf: On the Design and Implementation of Brown's GCD Algorithm over the Integers and Number Fields'' 26 The Simplification Problem - Jamie Mulholland: The problem of - ``Factorization in Q[s,c]/<s^2+c^2-1> and Simplification of Quotients of Trigonometric Polynomials'' - Hans Bauck: ``A Design for a Simplifier for the Elementary Constants and Functions'' - Petr Lisonek: ``An Implementation of the Unwinding Number K(z) and its Application to the Simplification of Algebraic Formulae Involving Roots and Logarithms'' - Allan Wittkopf: Determination of Maximal Symmetry Groups of Classes of Differential Equations September 2000 13 - Michael Monagan: "The Greatest GCD is Not Big Enough!" 26 Greatest Common Divisors - Colin Percival: Fast Integer GCDs - Michael Monagan: The dense modular GCD algorithm over finite fields and number fields. - Jennifer de Kleine: Zippel's sparse modular GCD algorithm over finite fields. October 2000 10 Differential Equations - Allan Wittkopf: Recent improvements to Maple's numerical ODE solvers. - Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: An implementation of an algorithmic approach for finding analytic solutions of systems of PDE. - John Ogilvie : Analysis of complicated chemical kinetics with Maple - Imin Chen: How primes ramify in algebraic number fields. November 2000 7 Cryptography and Simplification Tools - Greg Fee: Diffie Helman Crytopgrahy using Chebyshev Polynomials - Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Simplification tools for Maple - Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: Simplification of Algebraic Expressions in Maple December 2000 5 - Janez Ales: A New Bivariate Factorization Algorithm of Shuhong Gao January 2001 16 - Greg Fee : Cryptography with Chebyshev Polynomials. [.mws] 30 - Imin Chen : Hilbert Irreducibility February 2001 6 - Kevin Hare : Quadratic Pisot numbers and their Spectra 13 - Edgardo Cheb-Terrab : PDEtools[dspolyform] - given an equation or system of equations compute an equivalent `differential polynomial' system. [.mws] 20 - Andrew Solomon : The Travelling Salesman Problem and Permutation Groups: An Operations Research perspective. 27 - George Labahn : A new modular GCD algorithm which is lucky everywhere. March 2001 2 - Bernard Deconinck : The computation of quasi-periodic solutions of integrable partial differential equations. 9 - Manfred Minimair : Efficiently Computing Resultants of Composed Polynomials, 13 - Allan Wittkopf : The constrained GCD problem: an experimental approach. [.mws] 20 - Nils Bruin : The joys and pains of elliptic curves over number fields 28 - Petr Lisonek : Classification of Binary Linear Codes with Small Codimension May 2001 1 - Alexa van der Waall : Constructing Lam\'{e} equations with algebraic solution spaces. 7 - Andrew Solomon : A web service for drawing Hasse diagrams from a computer algebra system using JavaMath. 7 - Edgardo Cheb-Terrab : Tackling the difficult Kamke Ordinary Differential Equations 16 - Michael Monagan : Groebner bases, Buchberger's algorithm, and applications. 21 - Victoria day 28 - Greg Fee : Linear Two-point Boundary-value Problem with Polynomial Coefficients June 2001 4 - CMS meeting 11 - No meeting 18 - Petr Lisonek : An Introduction to Magma 25 - Lemmus Chan : An algorithm for solving some hypergeometric ODE classes July 2001 2 - Canada day 9 - Richard Crandall : The Power of Polynomials 16 - Kevin Hare : 23 - ISSAC meeting, London, Ontario, July 22-25th 2001. 30 - NSERC summer presentations by John Wedgewood and Roman Pearce September 2001 October 2001 November 2001 December 2001

January 2002

February 2002

March 2002

May 2002   MITACS AGM, May 23-25.

June 2002  Excursions in Computational Number Theory, June 17-28.

July 2002  ISSAC '02, July 7-10.  MSW '02, July 28-30. 

August 2002 Teaching and Doing Mathematics with Maple, August 12-16.
    02 TBA 08 Summer NSERC presentations Aaron Bradford Isabelle Major Timothy Mott Jennifer Katarenchuk 09 CECM '02
September 2002
    09 Organizational meeting 16 Greg Fee : Linear Least Squares using Orthogonal Polynomials 23 No meeting: CECM/CoLab Opening Day 30 Progress reports / discussion of MITACS projects Jennifer de Kleine: Faster Groebner Basis Computation with FGLM Alexa van der Waall: Patterns of Zeros of Zeta-functions Roman Pearce: A New Maple Package for Polynomial Ideals Edgardo Cheb-Terrab: The Function Wizard
October 2002
    07 Demo of Parallel Maple on the Beowulf cluster (in the CoLaB). 14 No meeting: Thanksgiving 21 No meeting 28 Progress reports Austin Roche: Finding the zero set of analytic functions in Maple. Allan Wittkopf: Connections between Numerical ODE methods and Homotopy root-finding methods, an exploration.
November 2002
    04 Progress reports Ron Ferguson: Polyphase sequences with low autocorrelation Michael Monagan: GCDs in F[x1,x2,...,xn]: the algebraic function field case. 11 No meeting: Remembrance Day. 18 Meeting postponed (IRMACS talk) 22 Stephen Wolfram: A New Kind of Science. 25 Meeting postponed (MITACS talk)
December 2002
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