MOCAA Consortium Meeting

Wednesday, May 11th, 2005

ICT Building, Room 516, Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary

Link to titles + abstracts in Adobe PDF format


 9:20 Vahid Dabbaghian-Abdoly, Computing representations of the finite symplectic group Sp(4,q)
 9:40 George Labahn, Symbolic Integration of Jacobi Elliptic Functions in Maple
10:00 John May, General Strategies for Problems in Approximate Algebra via STLS

10:20 BREAK

10:50 Ashley Pitcher, A numerical method for finding the roots of exponential polynomials
11:20 Yuzhen Xie, Lifting Techniques for Triangular Decompositions
11:40 Cosmin Oancea, Domains and Expressions: An interface between two approaches to computer algebra
11:50 Howard Cheng, Output-sensitive Modular Algorithms for Row Reduction of Matrices of Ore Polynomials

12:10 LUNCH

14:00 Michael Monagan, Algorithms for the Non-monic case of the Sparse Modular GCD Algorithm
14:20 Sara Khodadad, Fast Rational Function Reconstruction
14:40 Marc Moreno Maza, On the Complexity of the D5 Principle
15:00 Simon Lo, Computing Characteristic Polynomials over Z

15:20 BREAK

15:50 Mhenni Benghorbal, A Unified Formula for Integer and Fractional Order Symbolic
           Derivatives and Integrals of The Power-Exponential Class.
16:10 Bradford Hovinen, Analyzing blocked iterative linear system solvers
16:30 Ron Ferguson, Binary Searches - The Merit Factor Problem
16:50 Mahdad Khatirinejad, A Graph Theory Package for Maple