MITACS Project Presentations

Mohammad Glebleh, Mathematics, Simon Fraser University

Mahdi Javadi, Computing Science, Simon Fraser University

Michael Monagan, CECM, Simon Fraser University

Friday September 30th, 2005 at 10:30am in K9509.

- Michael will will give an overview of the MITACS projects (listed below).
- Mohammad will show the introduction of trails and tools for importing and exporting graphs.
- Mahdi will present his work on creating random networks and drawing networks.
- Michael will demo his output-sensitive modular algorithm for computing resultants.

MITACS contributions to Maple for year July 1, 2005 to June 30, 2006.

  A1: Graph theory package (Mahdad, Jeff, Sara, Simon, Mahdi, Mike, Moe, Mohammad).
  A2: DEplotInteractive (Moe, Mike, Allan)
  A3: Student package for numerical analysis (Ha, Howard, Moe)
  A4: Sparse modular GCD code for Z[x1,...,xn] (Allan, Mike)
  A5: Improvements and extensions to PolynomialIdeals (Roman)

  M1: Linear algebra improvement (strongly connected components) (Simon)
  M2: Probabilistic algorithm for resultants in Z[x,y] (Mike)
  M3: Multivariate polynomal GCD over a function fields (Mike)
  M4: Indexed calculus method for discrete logarithms in GF(p) (Aaron)
  M5: Visual for the multivariate data interpolating commands (Jeff)
  M6: Visual for drawing the intersection of two surfaces (Roman)
  M7: Integrate Ha's convert/StandardFunctions/2F1 code (Ha)
  M8: Extend simplex[convexhull] to compute the area of the hull (Mike)