A Day of Maple at SFU - April 20, 1999

         9:30--9:50   	Title:  Gauss-Legendre quadrature
         	    	Speaker: Greg Fee (SFU)
         10:00--10:20 	Title: RIFsimp: a package for simplification and
         		preprocessing of PDE/ODE systems
         		Speaker: Allan Wittkopf	(SFU)
         10:30--10:50	Title: Computer algebra approach for solving 
         		analytic systems of DEs.
         		Speaker: Edgardo S. Cheb-Terrab  (SFU)
         11:00-12:00    Title: What's new in the Maple kernel
         		Speaker: Jacques Carette (Waterloo Maple Inc.)
         1:30--2:30	Title: What's new in the Maple library
         		Speaker: Jacques Carette (Waterloo Maple Inc.)
         2:30--2:50	Title: Simplification of elementary functions and 
         		elementary constants in Maple
         		Speaker: Petr Lisonek (SFU)
         3:30--3:50	Title: Rapid computation of Bernoulli numbers, Euler numbers 
               	 	and other rational poly-exponential functions.
         		Speaker: Kevin Hare (SFU)
         4:00--4:20	Title: Number recognition: the reverse engineering calculator
         		Speaker: Matt Klassen (SFU)

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