Joint Number Theory Event

Saturday January 13, 2001 University of Washington Seattle
(Contact Adrian Iovita for exact location)

Two talks from 11am to 4pm

11AM-12:30, Michael Spiess
University of Nottingham, UK

will lecture on

"Logarithmic differential forms on p-adic symmetric spaces."

Abstract: P-adic symmetric spaces are certain infinite hyperplane arrangements over p-adic fields. We describe explicitly their de Rham cohomology in terms of logarithmic differential forms. As an application one obtains a Hodge type decomposition of the de Rham cohomology of algebraic varieties over p-adic fields which are quotients of p-adic symmetric spaces.

2:30-4PM, Imin Chen
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

will lecture on

"On relations between induced representations for GL_2(Z/p^2) and applications to modular curves"

Abstract: (joint with B. deSmit and M. Grabitz) We will exhibit a relation between induced representations on GL_2(Z/p^2) and discuss possible applications to studying mod(p^2) representations of elliptic curves.