CECM Colloquium

Wednesday September 12, 2001 in K9509, SFU

3:30 - 4:20

Title: "Introduction to (Pure) Mathematics and to CECM"

Abstract: There will be an introductory meeting for new and existing graduate students and faculty with an interest in pure mathematics and its applications to be held in conjunction with the first CECM meeting on 12 September Wednesday 3:30pm K9509. This is mainly to give a chance for new and existing graduate students and faculty snd vistors to meet in an informal way and introduce them to CECM and the various research groups. Refreshments will be served.


  1. Alistair Lachlan, Chair of Mathematics, will welcome all to SFU.
  2. Katherine Neufield will introduce 'Let's Talk Science'
  3. Jonathan Borwein, Director of CECM, will make a general introduction to CECM, then each of the following will give a five minute presentation about each group and its members.
  4. Mike Monagan and Petr Lisonek: the Computer Algebra Group
  5. Luis Goddyn and Petr Lisonek: the Discrete Mathemnatics Group
  6. Peter Borwein and Imin Chen: the Number Theory Group
  7. Jon Borwein and Adrian Lewis: the Applied Analysis and Optimization Group
  8. Rob Ballantyne: HPC@SFU, high performance computing, and the SFU CoLab
  9. Rob Ballantyne and Jen Chang: daily life around CECM
  10. Manfred Trummer, chair of graduate studies, and Site Director nominate of PIMS-SFU will speak about the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.
  11. Imin Chen will welcome students on behalf of graduate admissions/studies committee.
  12. At this point all the graduate students will be introduced, as will Diane Pogue, the new graduate secretary.