Seminar coming to Simon Fraser University

Friday, January 18th, 2002 in Simon Fraser University
Diamond University Centre
Thompson & Fraser Room

(Feel free to forward invitation to your colleagues)

Lunch: Provided


  • Dr. Jenwei Hsieh - Lead Scientest from Dell's Enterprise Systems Group
  • Dr. Reza Rooholamini - Dell Product Development Manager of the Cluster and Operating Systems products
  • Kevin Libert - Director of Dell's Advanced Systems Group
  • Dale Peddie - Dell Account Executive responsible for Education in British Columbia
  • Robert Mah - Dell Canada Advanced System's Group Manager

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    Target Group: Researchers, academics, department heads, science faculties and technical groups involved with High Performance Computing

    More: The Future of High Performance Cluster Computing Dell Computer Corporation invites you to attend a technical seminar on High Performance Cluster Computing. Dell is a Major Partner that supports AC3 - Advanced Cluster Computing Consortium - which develops and delivers industry standard IT solutions that maximize the performance, reliability and usability of Intel-based servers operating Windows 2000. Server farm and cluster networks are built from multiple systems linked via high performance communications, allowing universities and businesses to cost-effectively scale computing resources to meet the demands of data and numerically intensive applications. Dell has implemented over 50 High Performance Beowulf Cluster solutions throughout North America. In addition to Windows 2000, many of these Beowulf Cluster solutions are designed on the Linux operation system. For more information, on AC3- visit our website at
    More about what Dell is doing with High Performance Computing