CECM Colloquium

Wednesday October 16, 2002 in the CoLab, SFU

3:30 - 4:20
Dr. Harry B. Coonce, (MSNU)

Title: The Mathematics Genealogy Project: 5 Years, 58,000 Records, What's Next?

Abstract: The mathematics genealogy project is an attempt to create an historical resource for current and future mathematicians. Toward this goal we collect data regarding each mathematician's research degree. A complete record includes the university that granted the degree, the year and the title of the dissertation. Most importantly, the complete record includes the name of the advisor.

This information is processed in such a way that a web page is created for each person showing the information cited above and a list of known students. Links are provided for the advisors and students. This enables one to follow the development of ideas and concepts through the generations.

This talk will discuss the origins of the project, the current status of the project and possibilities for the next few years. Demonstration of the site will accompany the lecture.