Combinatorics/Algebra Seminars

Instructional Seminar: Tuesdays from 10:30 - 12:00 in K9509, SFU

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Simon Fraser University

Fall Schedule

Proposed plan for Combinatorics/Algebra Seminars.

Instructional Seminar:

The plan here is to include a bit of algebra, where appropriate into this seminar. In our first meeting last week, we identified several topics where participants showed intrest in persuing. We will begin with the first two topics in the next two weeks, the rest of the schedule is yet undetermined. This is inteded to ba an INFORMAL forum for those who would like to air their pet topic in a friendly interactive environment. Those interested in combinatorics and algebra are strongly encouraged to participate.

- Analysis of large scale graph data

- Graphs and the Upper Half Plan

- Godsil's Algebraic Graph Theory Notes

- Interval Graphs

- Homomorphisms. retractions and circular chromatic number.


19 Andrew Seary "Collecting and snalysing large-scale graph data from the needle exchange program"Experimental Math and Exact Computation" Abstract.