Friday, 16 June 2000 at 1:00PM

MPX 8501 (Centre for Educational Technology Instructional Lab), Simon Fraser University

Dr. Ulrich Kortenkamp Berlin University

Creating Interactive Geometry With Cinderella

Abstract: Cinderella is a new software for doing geometry on the computer. One of its main features is the direct support for putting interactive constructions on the WWW without requiring HTML authoring. The workshop gives an introduction to both the classroom use and the internet features of the software. The participants will have opportunity time to try the software and create examples web pages. The exercises do not assume more than basic computer use and internet browsing skills. If time permits, there will also be a chance to discuss advanced topics like the mathematical background of Cinderella, multiple view support or non-Euclidean geometries. More information about the software is available at TO REGISTER for the workshop and a chance to win a copy of the Interactive Geometry Software Cinderella with manual, email Malgorzata Dubiel,