CMS 50th Anniversary Winter Meeting


Simon Fraser Harbour Centre Campus
December 9-11, 1995


Jonathan and Peter Borwein

(Preliminary Schedule - CMS Winter Meeting)


The purpose of the session will be two fold. Firstly it will assist in building a Canadian Community of those interested in Computational Experimental Mathematics. Secondly the session will be structured so as to encourage the speakers to discuss the scientific and philosophical implications of the way in which they are now doing "experimental mathematics". Speakers are encouraged to talk at a broadly accessible level since participants will come from diverse fields of mathematics. The session will be followed by a workshop on Organic Mathematics also to be held at SFU Harbour Centre. Participants speaking in this workshop include:

George Andrews              (Penn State:
Francois Bergeron           (UQAM:
David Boyd                  (UBC: 
Henri Cohen                 (Bordeaux:
Rob Corless                 (UWO and SFU: 
Frank Garvan                (Florida:
Jeff Geronimo               (Georgia Tech:
Ronald Graham               (AT&T:
Jeffrey C. Lagarias         (AT&T: (Plenary speaker)
Clement Lam                 (Concordia:
Andrew Odlyzko              (AT&T:
Jeffrey Shallit             (Waterloo: 
Stan Wagon                  (Macalister: )
Hugh Williams               (Manitoba: