Abstract. Our aim in preparing this pamphlet is to bring the material in the collection of papers in the second edition of our {\em Pi: A Source Book} (Springer-Verlag, 2000) up to date. Moreover, several delightful pieces came available and are added.

This substantial supplement to the third addition serves as a stand alone exposition of the recent history of the computation of digits of Pi. It also includes a discussion of the thorny old question of normality of the distribution of the digits. Additional material of historical and cultural interest is included, the most notable being new translations of the two Latin pieces of Vi\`ete (Translation of Article 9 (Excerpt 1): Various Responses on Mathematical Matters: Book VII (1593) and (Excerpt 2): Defense for the New Cyclometry or ``Anti-Axe"), and a thorough revision of the translation of Huygens's piece (Article 12) published in the second edition.