Poster Session

Post-Meeting Updates

(Left to right) Benjamin Ong (First Place), Mohammad Ali Ebrahimi (Third Place), Jennifer de Kleine (Second Place), and Frank Chu (Third Place).

About the Poster Session

CECM invites students (both graduate and NSERC summer students) and postdoctoral fellows to participate in the second annual research poster session. The only requirement is that the poster has mathematics in it. It may be applied, pure, computational, or experimental mathematics. Up to four prizes (one $200 and three $100) will be awarded to students with the best posters. Judging criteria are based on 50% content and 50% presentation.


Poster abstracts must be emailed to both Michael Monagan (mmonagan@cecm) and Jen Chang (jen@cecm), or by using the following form, by Wednesday, July 14, 2004.
Poster Title:


Short Description:

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If you need help with creating a poster you may contact Jen Chang (jen@cecm) or Jennifer de Kleine (dekleine@cecm). Jen Chang will be able to help you use Adobe Illustrator and/or InDesign. Jennifer de Kleine will be able to help you create a poster using LaTeX.

If you have already prepared a poster for a presentation at another scientific meeting this year, and you would like also to present it to members of the department, this is appropriate.