Michael Monagan

What Michael has to say about himself
Status: Director CECM, Professor
Affiliation: Department of Mathematics and Statistics, SFU
Email: monagan at cecm.sfu.ca
Phone: (604) 291-4279/5617
Office: TLX10501


Research Interest

My main area of research is Computational Algebra or Symbolic Computation. There I am interested in computing with polynomials over finite fields, number fields and, more recently, function fields. I have participated in the design and development of the Maple computer algebra system since 1983. My other research interests include Groebner basis computation, automatic differentiation, algorithms and data structures, and, of course, Maple. I am also interested in algebraic geometry and cryptography.

Selected Works

Algebraic Computation:

``Algorithms for Polynomial GCD Computation over Algebraic Function Fields,'' with Mark van Hoeij. Proceedings of ISSAC '04, ACM Press, (2004), 297-304.

``Algorithms for Trigonometric Polynomials,'' with Jamie Mulholland. Proceedings of ISSAC '01, ACM Press, (2001), 245-252.

Applications of Computer Algebra:

``The Sensitivity of Traveltime Inversion for an Anisotropic Parameter in Seismology'', with Michael Slawinski. MapleTech, 5, No 2, (1999), 109-116, Birkhauser.

``A Toolbox for Program Manipulation and Efficient Code Generation with an Application to a Problem in Computer Vision'', with Gladys Monagan. Proceedings of ISSAC '97, ACM Press, (1997), 257-266.

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