Two New Books on Experimental Mathematics

Mathematics by Experiment

BOOK ONE authored by Jonathan Borwein
and David Bailey (LBL Press Release)
AK Peters Ltd November 2003
Scientific American Book Club choice

BOOK TWO with Roland Girgensohn
AK Peters Ltd March 2004

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Experimentation in Mathematics

BOOK ONE: Mathematics by Experiment: Plausible Reasoning in the 21st Century.

"This new approach to mathematics --- the utilization of advanced computing technology in mathematical research --- is often called experimental mathematics. The computer provides the mathematician with a ``laboratory'' in which she can perform experiments --- analyzing examples, testing out new ideas, or searching for patterns.

This book (cover below) presents the rationale and historical context of experimental mathematics, and includes a series of examples that best portray the experimental methodology." (Preface and Table of Contents.)

Book Collage

BOOK TWO: Experimentation in Mathematics: Computational Paths to Discovery.

"New mathematical insights and rigorous results are often gained through extensive experimentation using numerical examples or graphical images and analyzing them.

Today computer experiments are an integral part of doing mathematics. This allows for a more systematic approach to conducting and replicating experiments. The authors address the role of experimental research in the statement of new hypotheses and the discovery of new results that chart the road to future developments." (Preface and Table of Contents.)

J. M. Borwein, October 31st 2003

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