How long would it take to recite Pi
using the following Java applet?

  • Hiroyuki Goto, 21, the current world record holder for the most digits of Pi memorized, required over nine hours to recite 42000+ digits [Seattle Times, 2-26-95].
    This Applet would take about 362 minutes.
  • to recite all the known digits of Pi (6.4 billion digits) would take 133 years with no pause for coffee or sleep.
    (Click here to run the version that recites 2.5 million digits of Pi)
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Since this applet first appeared in 1996, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We'd like to thank you for your support and offers to have your voice and language added to our applet. As we have ceased development on this applet, we will not be able to expand our collection of languages at this time.

Special thanks to the following people who kindly donated their voice for this Applet: Yoonmei Ahn, Tasoula Berggren, Peter Borwein, Stephen Braham, Jen Chang, Daniel Chertok, Ryan Cousineau, David Fayegh, Cynthia Foo, Pavol Gvozdjak, Petr Lisonek, Daniel Mihalcea, Simon Plouffe, Sharly Rungkat, Justina Sanny, Nathalie Sinclair, Abigail Wacher, Wendy Wong, Terrance Yu.

And a very, very special thanks to Simon Plouffe, whose HyperCard Pi reader was the inspiration for this Applet.

Developed by Stephen Braham and Terrance Yu.
© 1996 PolyMath Development Group