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My Photos

Skiing Whistler with Chris, Jordan and Fraser.


Christmas 2004 at the de Kleine's in Peace River.

Thanksgiving with Bill, Kathryn and Molly, 2004.

Singing Pass and Musical Bumps, August 2004.

Food and Kayaking at Deep Cove.

Mom et. al. hanging at the beach in Vancouver.

Mom, Chris, Jordan, Erin and Kyle heading to Vancouver Summer 2004.

Hanging out at Henry and Susans in Nuanlage.

Hanging out at the farm in Blumenheim.

My Grandma's 90th birthday celebration!

May long weekend 2004 in Manning Park.

Fraser and Dad.


Various outings with Ben and Brenda.

Playing mini golf with Jordan, Erin and Kyle in Peace River.

Fraser's Grad! Yay!

May long weekend 2003 at Capescott.