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Past Operations Manager

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Jen Chang

Research Interests

Online publishing has been one of Jen Chang's research areas in the last few years. She has a Master degree in Publishing from Simon Fraser University and focuses her research on rich media publishing. She earned her undergraduate degree in Cognitive Science and is interested in topics related to human-computer interaction. She has worked on preprint and electronic journal projects in both science and humanities, including the Canadian Journal of Communication, Canadian Journal of Mathematics, Canadian Mathematical Bulletin and the CECM preprint server. She has participated in several projects focussing on mathematics and technology, including advanced publishing and mathematics education. She is a webmaster by trade and her websites have won numerous awards.

She is currently the Manager of the Department of Physics and was the Operations Manager of the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics at Simon Fraser University. In addition, she had regularly trained and supervised school students from career preparation programs by offering opportunities in web publishing and interface development. She frequently organized outreach events for the community such as Pi Day. One of these events was the Mathematics in Stone and Bronze, a series of mathematics sculpture exhibitions at SFU's campuses. She was the project manager of one of CoLab's sub-projects, Sample Architecture for Mathematically Productive Learning Experiences (SAMPLE) (SSHRC-INE) (pdf).