CECM's Clippings Page
8 Feb, 97

"Pascal's Fractals", Mathland

Jan 97

"Obession de Pi", Pour la science

Nov 96

"The Winners", Maclean's

Nov 96

"CECM tells NBC all about Pi", CECM News

11 Nov 96

"From number to formula"

21 Sep 96

"Real mathematicians do experiments", The Globe and Mail

Sep 96

"UILO helps SFU researchers bring technologies to market", Research Links

Jun 1996

"CECM acquires one of three Silicon Graphics R1000 multiprocessor supercomputers in Canada", CECM News

Jun 1996

"New Web Site Pushes Internet Boundaries", Update

Jun 1996

"From the Editor", Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions Newsletter, Vol 6, No 3

4 Jun 1996

"Critic's Choice", The Vancouver Sun

23 May 1996

"Borweins take CUFA academic award"

"Telelearning researchers launch state-of-the-art World Wide Web site" , SF News, Vol 6, No 2

Jan-Feb 1996

"A Question of Numbers", American Scientist, Vol 84

2 Nov 1995

"SFU Centre's Home Page Makes Internet Top Five",SF News, Vol 4, No 5

18 Oct 1995

"Math professor figures kid can make pi history",The Globe and Mail

Jun 1995

"A piece of pi: SFU mathematicians set two world records for calculating pi", SFU Math & Stats Newsletter

May 1995

"Setting Knowledge Free", Update, Vol 7, No 2

25 Oct 1994

"The Moment+ Project", The MomEnt+ Project