SFU Burnaby Campus

3:30pm · Tues · 18 November 2003
Lecture in AQ 3149 · Reception in K9509

18-28 November 2003
Sculpture Exhibition in SSC P8493 (CoLab)

SFU Harbour Centre Campus

6-7 December 2003
Sculpture Exhibition in Main Concourse
in conjunction with
the Canadian Mathematical Society's Winter Meeting

Abstract Helaman Ferguson's mathematical sculptures in stone and bronze celebrate ancient and modern mathematical discoveries, melding the universal languages of sculpture and mathematics. Using slides and video, Helaman and Claire trace Helaman's creations from initial concept, mathematical design, computer graphics, diamond cutting and final form. Their lectures have fascinated audiences worldwide, bringing together multiple disciplines and stimulating dialogue among them.

Who They Are

Helaman Ferguson is both a sculptor whose work is located in institutions and collections worldwide and an internationally known mathematician whose algorithm has been listed as one of the top ten in the twentieth century. He enjoys a CRADA between his sculpture studio and NIST which is in the third generation of cable-based metrology systems. Claire Ferguson has written extensively on Helaman's work, including the Gold Ink and Ozzie Award winning book "Helaman Ferguson: Mathematics in Stone and Bronze". She is a graduate of Smith College where she was an Ada Comstock Scholar. Together they have parented seven children.

Apropos Quote

"Claire and Helaman Ferguson together have dazzled the mathematical community and a far wider public with exquisite sculptures embodying mathematical ideas, along with artful and accessible essays and lectures elucidating the mathematical concepts."

--Citation from the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics 2002 Communications Award, Amer. Math. Soc., Math. Assoc. of Amer., Soc. of Indust. and Appl. Math.