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An informal discussion turned serious: David Bradley (CECM), Simon Plouffe (CECM) and Jon Borwein (CECM) listen intently to David Bailey (NASA). In the background, Clement Lam (Concordia) and Peter Borwein (CECM) chat.

Grad Students trying to look natural: Joy Morris (CECM), Jennifer Overington (CECM) and Heinz Bauschke (CECM) relax at the workshop tutorial luncheon.

The three amigos: Veselin Jungic (CECM), Greg Fee (CECM) and Peter Borwein (CECM).

Hands-on session at the CECM: David Bailey (NASA) at the keyboard with Jon Borwein (CECM) on the move.

The group shot begins with Loki: Big smiles as the camera sweeps from left to right.

And the group shot continues...: All eyes to the camera, who's clowning around in the corner?

Group shot ending with Rob Corless: Now we know who was clowning around in the corner!

Lunchtime in the cafeteria: Henri Cohen (BORDEAUX) in the back squeezed out of the big table and finds one on his own.

Conference dinner at the Beijing Restaurant: Organizer Jen Chang (CECM) taking care of all these hungry stomachs. Jeff Lagarias (AT&T) lifts his teacup to toast her.

And over at the other table...: Everyone looks on as Andrew Granville (U of G) shows off his chopstick tricks.

Panel discussion - Round 1: Peter Borwein (CECM), Jon Borwein (CECM), Loki Jörgenson (CECM), Stan Devitt (WATERLOO MAPLE) and Arjeh Cohen (TUE) taking up a rather serious question.

Panel discussion - Round 2: Jon Borwein (CECM) looking rather serious as Stan Devitt (WATERLOO MAPLE), Allan Harvey, Arjeh Cohen (TUE) and Peter Borwein (CECM) give a little chuckle.