Video Collection
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(QuickTime - 2.3M)
All the people: The cast of characters shown in a slow pan

(QuickTime - 1.4M)
Jon Borwein: Opening Remarks

(QuickTime - 1.2M)
Peter Borwein: Introduction to the Workshop

(QuickTime - 1.1M)
Loki Jörgenson: the Organic Mathematics Project

(QuickTime - 1.3M)
Stan Devitt: Mathematical Documents -- Live

(QuickTime - 2.2M)
Joe Buhler: Juggling Permutations of the Integers

(QuickTime - 1.7M)
Andrew Granville: Properties of Binomial Coefficients

(QuickTime - 908K)
Beverly West: Differential Equations: Quantitative Information from Qualitative Analysis

(QuickTime - 700K
Stan Wagon: New Visualization Ideas for Differential Equations

(QuickTime - 1.1M)
David Boyd: Are Salem numbers beta-numbers?

(QuickTime - 1.3M)
Henri Cohen: Binary Cubic Forms and Cubic Number Fields

(QuickTime - 1.5M)
Arjeh Cohen: 16-dimensional module in characteristic 3

(QuickTime - 1.8M)
Clement Lam: The Search for a Finite Projective Plane of Order 10

(QuickTime - 1.5M)
George Andrews: Pfaff's Method (III): Comparison With the WZ Method

(QuickTime - 1.1M)
David Bailey: Recognizing Numerical Constants

(QuickTime - 1.2M)
Frank Garvan: Approximations to Pi via the Dedekind Eta function

(QuickTime - 861K)
Jeffrey Lagarias: A new view on the Hirsch Conjecture

(QuickTime - 995K)
The Cascade: Joe Buhler demonstrates the cascade juggling pattern

(QuickTime - 1.9M)
The Fountain: Joe Buhler demonstrates the fountain juggling pattern

(QuickTime - 1.5M)
The 4-4-1: Joe Buhler demonstrates the 4-4-1 juggling pattern

(QuickTime - 1.2M)
The Shower: Joe Buhler demonstrates the shower juggling pattern

(QuickTime - 1.2M)
Passing: Joe Buhler and Greg Fee demonstrate the passing juggling pattern