Invited Speaker
Arjeh Cohen
Technical University of Eindhoven
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Paper: GL(4)-orbits in a 16-dimensional module for characteristic 3
Talk: 16-dimensional module in characteristic 3
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Abstract: Let $k$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic 3. In this paper we show that there are finitely many $GL(4,k)$-orbits in the quotient of the module $ S^{3} (k^4)$ of all cubic forms by the submodule $ \{ x^3 \mid x\in S^1(k^4)\}$ of cubes of linear forms.

About Myself

Born: Netherlands
About my name:
My full name is Arjeh M. Cohen. I intend to mention the middle initial as it makes me unique in the Netherlands. Ever since my high school years in the Netherlands, I am haunted by the other Arjeh Cohen (who does not seem to be as nice a person as I am, so I am keep on being told...). I also intend to spell out my first name, as there is another mathematician called A.M. Cohen. In fact, after I had published my first paper, Math. Reviews sent me an impressive list of papers by "A.M. Cohen", and asked me which of them were mine. So far I seem to be the only Arjeh M. Cohen (admittedly, I have no uniqueness proof).
Family: I have two children, I am married to a professor in psychology
Interests: I play piano, squash, and field hockey
Comments: I am fascinated by interactive books, and think they have much more potential than what we see today