Invited Speaker
Stan Devitt
Manager, Electronic Publishing Projects
Waterloo Maple Inc.
Waterloo, Canada

Paper: Interactive Computational Support for Sequences and Regular Expressions
Talk: Mathematical Documents -- Live
(QuickTime movie - 1.5M)
Abstract: Interactive computational systems such as Maple can be used in many ways to bring mathematical documents to life. This presentation explores the use of this technology to enhance the access, customization and utilization of general mathematical information.

About Myself

Born: Born and raised in Alberta
Honours undergraduate degree in Pure Mathematics and Master's degree in Combinatorial Number Theory under the supervision of Richard Guy at the University of Calgary.
Ph.D at the University of Waterloo under the supervision of David Jackson in Algebraic Enumeration with minors in the design and analysis of algorithms and in computational complexity.
Family: Family includes a wife, Diane, and two teenagers, Deanna and Craig, and family activities include the operation of a family puppet theatre centred around characters and scripts developed by Diane.
Interests: Hobbies include sailing and scuba diving.
Comments: Interactive computation through symbolic algebra has an important role to play in "controlling" the level of abstraction. Through effective use of systems such as Maple we can teach top down problem solving for mathematics. For research, the use of such tools to build a problem exploring environment is an important part of exploring new subject areas.