Loki Jorgenson

What Loki has to say about himself
Status: Member, CECM; Adjunct Professor
Affiliation: CECM/Department of Mathematics, SFU
Email: loki@cecm.sfu.ca
Phone: (604) 433-2333
Pager: (604) 268-3539
Fax: (604) 433-2311


Research Interest

My background is in computationally applied research using simulation, information and digital documents, and visualization techniques. My work has led to an involvement with research in mathematics, computing science and philosophy. My current research interests include:
Establishing a practical, philosophical basis for the use of visualization. Work is ongoing and in conjunction with members of Philosophy and Computer Science.
Visualizing aspects of mathematical objects and concepts.
An investigation of the nature of certain fractal structures including roots of polynomials with fixed coefficients and logical incoherence operators.
The development of integrated computational tools for mathematics under the POLYMATH umbrella (MathProbe, M3Plexus, Organic Mathematics)
Projects involving digital documents, networked environments and archiving issues (Document Vault, Organic Mathematics, Camel).

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