fenchel: Fenchel conjugates and subdifferentials in Maple


  • fenchel is a collection of Maple commands written by Heinz Bauschke and Martin von Mohrenschildt. It allows the symbolic computation of Fenchel conjugates and sudifferentials for convex functions defined on the real line.
  • Find out more about fenchel (gzipped postscript file).
  • Using fenchel (Version 99.05.07 for Maple VR5):
    1. Click here and save the file as fenchel.m
    2. Start Maple.
    3. In Maple, issue the command read(`fenchel.m`);.
    4. You then can use fenchel. For instance, type conj(convert(exp(x),cf),y);.
  • A short example illustrating fenchel.
  • Here is a list of commands and their results to try in fenchel.
  • fenchel is part of the CECM's project on Computational Convex Analysis.
  • Questions? Comments? Errors? Email Heinz Bauschke.

Last modified: May 7, 1999.