Visualizing the Patterns in the Continued Fraction Expansion of a real number


see_cf (a, n, b, c) is a Maple procedure that takes as its 1st argument a real number (or some expression that evaluates to a real number) and computes the partial quotients of the continued fraction expansion of the 1st argument. It then reduces these integer partial quotients modulo 10 and displays them in a rectangular grid.

This procedure was developed to visualize patterns in the continued fraction expansion of a real number. It computes 1600 integer partial quotients by default but this can be changed to a maximum of 10000 by the 2nd argument. It reduces these partial quotients modulo 10 by default (or modulo the 3rd argument). It uses 10 colors by default or the number specified by the 3rd argument to color the partial quotients. In addition, the default grid is approximately square but this can be changed by means of the fourth argument which is the number of columns of the first row.