To determine linear integer dependence among numerical constants and to determine the minimal polynomial of an approximate algebraic number
    Linear Integer Dependence
    e-mail interface: You can send your data by e-mail and the automated Integer Relations Interface robot will return the result. Send an e-mail with the word `help' in the body to ir@cecm.sfu.ca. The rest is explained in the reply.
    Resource URL field downloads data from a local URL location. Simply enter the local URL address relative to http://wayback.cecm.sfu.ca/
    Linear Dependence Data field contains the list of input numbers for the integer relation algorithm. 
  • To add, delete or edit items in the list click on the item using the mouse and then press Enter. 
  • The linear dependence algorithm accepts Maple expressions and real or complex floating point numbers. Complex numbers are given in the form a + b*I. 
  • Precision field is to set the accuracy of the integer relation algorithm.
    Check Precision field is to separately set the accuracy for checking the output of Lindep.
    Minimal Polynomial
Evaluation field is to evaluate Maple expressions. Type the expression into the field and click Evaluate button. 
(The result is copied to the Alpha field automatically.)
Evaluation Precision field allows to separately set the accuracy of the evaluation procedure.
Alpha  field contains the input for the Find polynomialbutton to compute the minimal polynomial of the given number. Both Maple expressions and floating point numbers are accepted as input.
Degree field is to set the the maximal degree of the minimal polynomial. Minpoly precision field is to set the accuracy of the minimal polynomial algorithm. Check precision field is to set  separately  the accuracy checking the output of the minimal polynomial algorithm.