Initially known names in Maple (copied from Maple help file)

The following names are known, either as global or environment variables under user control or as names of constants known to certain functions.

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Catalan  Catalan's constant = sum((-1)^i/(2*i+1)^2,i=0..infinity)
                   evalf(Catalan) is approximately 0.915965594...
constants The numeric constants in Maple are integers, fractions, and floating-point numbers.
Default is the sequence of global variable constants, which is an expression sequence of all names which are initially known as symbolic constants in Maple. These are false, gamma, infinity, true, Catalan, I, Pi 
Digits   number of digits carried in floats (default is 10).
           Digits is an environment variable.

 used by boolean evaluation as unknown truth for
           3-valued logic.
false  the value false in the context of Boolean evaluation.
gamma   Euler's constant = limit(sum(1/i,i=1..n) - ln(n),
           n=infinity). evalf(gamma) is approximately 0.5772156649...
gamma(n)  a series of constants such that gamma(n)  =
           limit(sum(ln(k)^n/k, k=1..m) - ln(m)^(n+1)/(n+1),
           m=infinity). gamma(0) = gamma, Euler's constant. 
I  complex number such that I^2 = -1.  The name I is an alias
           to the radical (-1)^(1/2).
infinity name for infinity used by some library functions
integrate initially assigned the function name int
lasterror The most recently occurring error is stored in the variable lasterror. 
libname   path name which is the root of the standard Maple library
`mod`  initially assigned the function name modp; for symmetric
           representation, assign `mod` := mods; (mod is an operator).
           Mod is an environment variable.
NULL   initialized to the null expression sequence
Order truncation order for series (default is 6); The environment variable Order represents the order of series calculations performed by Maple. 
           Order is an environment variable.
Pi  math constant pi; evalf(Pi) is approximately 3.14159265...
printlevel See printlevel (default is 1).  Printlevel is an
           environment variable.
true  the value true in the context of Boolean evaluation

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