Java Maple Interface


URL input

It is possible to enter the URL of a file which contains a sequence of maple code.  The applet assumes that this file is located somewhere on, so the user must type in the fully qualified web directory on this server.  The purpose is to facilitate demonstration of the JMI capabilities.  At this point there are two "scripts" which maybe be called upon.  These are "projects/JMI/machin", and "projects/JMI/algebraic".  Typing either of these 2 file paths in the URL box will cause the script to be loaded, displayed in the Expression box, and processed by Maple.  So, for example, try clicking on the URL box so that you have a blinking cursor, then type "projects/JMI/machin".  This should load and execute the machin script.

Standard Maple Expressions and Code

Standard Maple expressions (standard meaning Maple expressions that generate textual output) can be entered into the Expression window you would normally enter input into standard Maple. Your results will be displayed in the Results window. Execution of your expression will occur when the Evaluate button is clicked. Please note that there are some operators that will not work properly.  The most important of these is the '%' operator.  This is because the URL encoding scheme uses the '%' character for special encoding.

Graphic Plots

The Java Maple Interface also supports graphic plots. Simply create a plot as you normally would. When Maple is finished generating the plot, the Java Maple Interface will open up a new window to display your graphic.