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Pi Symbol About Colin Percival

John Denniston/The Vancouver Province

Some people have sent me e-mails asking who I am, so I've decided to put some basic information about myself up here for the world to see.

I am an 19 year old sixth year mathematics major at Simon Fraser University, and I graduated from high school in june 1998. I finished grade twelve math in grade seven, and I have been taking university math courses since grade nine under SFU's 'concurrent studies' program. I officially entered SFU as a full time student in September 1998. My GPA (well, actually CGPA -- cumulative GPA) is 4.10 (SFU has A+ = 4.33).

I have done well in many math contests over the years. A few highlights are:

  • In grade four, I took the grade seven 'Gauss' contest run by the University of Waterloo. I got a perfect score (150/150).
  • In grade five, I took the grade eight version of the 'Gauss' contest. I got a perfect score (150/150).
  • In grade seven, I took the grade twelve 'Euclid' contest, also run by Waterloo. I got the highest score in BC.
  • In grades 10-12 I took the American High School Mathematics Exam. I got the highest score in BC each year.
  • In grades 11-12 I took the American Invitational Mathematics Exam, and got the highest score in BC in grade 11, and a perfect score (15/15) in grade 12.
  • In grade 10, I took the Putnam undergraduate Mathematics Exam. I got a score of 53, placing me 53.5th in North America (53.5 because I was tied with someone else).
  • In 1998, I won the $20,000 Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship from SFU, making me the first ever student to win a $20,000 entrance scholarship in my fifth year.
  • In 1998, I took the Putnam (again), and scored 92, giving me a rank of 12 in North America.
  • In 1999, I took the Putnam (for my fourth and final time), and ranked in the top 6 (ie, Putnam Fellow).

I play the violin as well; I am the concertmaster of the senior division of the Delta Youth Orchestra, and also play in the Vancouver academy of music symphony orchestra and the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra.

Around December 1996, I started to write code for PiHex, and I officially launched PiHex on March 21, 1998.

My e-mail address is cperciva@sfu.ca