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Pi Symbol Credits

Thanks to
  • David Bailey, Peter Borwein, and Simon Plouffe, for publishing their landmark paper, On the Rapid Computation of Various Polylogarithmic Constants, in which they derived the BBP formula and algorithm, which made it possible for the first time to compute a specific bit in Pi, without computing all the previous bits.
  • Fabrice Bellard, for finding Bellard's formula, which is 43% faster than the BBP formula.
  • George Woltman, of the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, for both inspiring me to start this project, and for collaborating with me in writing the binary powering code which is the center of both PiHex and the trial factoring code of GIMPS.
  • Graham Percival, for doing some early beta-testing
  • Academic Computing Services of Simon Fraser University for a) providing all students with computing accounts, including web space, and b) deleting all our files at the end of each semester.
  • Peter Borwein, Loki Jorgenson, and the CECM for hosting the PiHex web pages (and not deleting them), and letting me set up an automated server for PiHex on one of their computers (as soon as I write some code for it).
  • Jay Urbanski, for beta-testing the SMP code.
  • David Boud and Davinder Singh of Intel developer support for helping me work out the nuances of the P6.
  • Simon Fraser University's Media and Public Relations Office, for putting together a completely non-technical (ie, somewhat comprehensible to the average person) press release about the calculation of the five trillionth bit of Pi.
  • Rob Simmons of TBS Communications, who voluntered to give PiHex a "New Look" shortly after I announced finishing the 5 trillionth bit of Pi.
  • Luigi Morelli, for rendering the PiHex icon in povray.
  • Kimmo Herranen for beta-testing version 5.0 of PiHex.
  • The New York Times for publishing an article about our calculation of the five trillionth bit, which in a single day increased the number of computers running PiHex by 20%.
  • The Vancouver Province for letting me use a photo they took of me on the website.
  • Bob O'Ham for helping me out at the end of the forty trillionth bit computation by processing all the 'holes' created when computers crashed, people deleted outputs accidentally, etc.
  • All of the people who contributed clock cycles to PiHex!