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    Visitor Information: General Travel

    PLEASE NOTE: all dollar, time, and distance figures are very approximate

    Cab Fare:

      Airport to SFU - $45

    • Bus Terminal to SFU - $30

    Airport to SFU by public transport:

    Take 100 (New West Station) approximately 40 min.; from New West Station take 147 or 148 to Lougheed Mall approximately 20 min., from Lougheed Mall take 145 SFU approximately 15 min. Cost would depend on whether it was rush hour. The cost would be $1.50 or $3.00 depending on the time.

    Bus Terminal to SFU by public transport:

    Take the Skytrain from the Main Street Station (just across the street from the bus terminal) to Metrotown Station (approximately 15 min.) from Metrotown catch the 144 to SFU (approximately 45 minutes). The cost would be $1.50 or $3.00 depending on the time. There is an express bus from Metrotown to SFU, the 133. It only runs *to* SFU from Metrotown in the morning, leaving at 7H30, 8H30 and 9H30.

    Travel by car from central Vancouver:

    1. take Broadway to Lougheed and follow Lougheed to Gaglardi. A left turn onto Gaglardi up the hill leaves you at SFU's main entrance; or

    2. take Hastings all the way (about 15 km) out. It has a right turning lane after Kensington Plaza where there is a Chevron Gas Station and Hastings turns up the mountain. It becomes "the Parkway" at Duthie on the way up Burnaby mountain. If you miss the turn you will find yourself on Inlet Drive going around Burnaby Mountain through forested areas.

    Route 2 is simpler but may be slower during rush hour traffic.