Visitor Information: Some Local Hotels

    NOTE: Neither Simon Fraser University nor the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics endorses or receives remuneration for making reference to these establishments. This list is incomplete and provided only as a service to visitors.

    PLEASE NOTE: all rates are approximate and may be out-of-date


    "Business class" HOTELS

    Coquitlam Motor Inn, North Road, at Lougheed Highway, 931-9011
    Preferred rate $83 per night

    Burnaby Villa Hotel and Conference, 4331 Dominion, 430-2828
    $55 corp. rate - courtyard (rooms not as big)
    $85 per night - Tower rooms $68 per night min. of 10 days or more

    Executive Inn, 4101 Lougheed Highway, 298-2010
    $89 corp. rate single or double

    "Economy" HOTELS

    Coquitlam Sleepy Lodge, 730 Clarke Road, 937-7737

    (1999-2000 Rates confirmed for SFU by Ms. Khatoon Dhanani)

    For Sep 16, 1999 - Jun 30, 2000
    Daily Weekly Monthly
    Single (1 or 2 persons) $60+taxes $350+taxes
    Twin (2 persons) $65+taxes $385+taxes
    Kitchenette (1 person) $70+taxes $420+taxes $980+taxes
    Kitchenette (2 persons) $75+taxes $420+taxes $980+taxes

    Each additional person $5 extra plus taxes.

    (Bus stop across street - closest hotel to SFU)

    Lake City Motor Inn, 5415 Loughheed Highway, 294-5331
    (3 blocks east of Brentwood Mall) Corp. rates are: (single $63)

    Elizabeth Wilson's Bed & Breakfast, 7027 Sierra Drive, 294-5644
    4 units - single - $35 - shared bath - adult oriented - one room with 2 double beds for $60 - if 2 people didn't mind sharing a room they could get it for $30 each