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    the Academic Quadrangle (photo by Ron Long)

    Campus Map and CECM Layout

    The CECM is located in P8495 , at the foot of the stairwell which is located just to the east of the Earth Sciences General office on the 9000 level and of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics General Office on the 10000 level. More generally, this is near the southeastern corner of the Academic Quadrangle on the Burnaby Mountain campus of Simon Fraser University , Burnaby, British Columbia, CANADA. A map of the campus shows the general location of the lab ( click here to view another version of the Burnaby Campus map ).

    The interior of the lab is approximately 185 square metres. It is broken up into several main areas: the main lab, the seminar room, the study room and the resource room. A floor plan of the lab shows the basic orientation of the furniture and the location of various permanent lab dwellers.

    Our mailing address is:

    Centre for Experimental & Constructive Mathematics,
    Department of Mathematics & Statistics,
    Simon Fraser University
    Burnaby Mountain Campus
    Burnaby, B.C.
    CANADA V5A 1S6

    The main lab is generally open to visitors, members and students with only the lab manager's office being off-limits.