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Kanada computes 1.24 Trillion Digits of Pi

Veit Elser's Phase Retrieval Challenge and online Bit Retriever



Multimedia Tools for Communicating Mathematics Workshop and Book/CD

MAA Review

• TL-NCE: 99&00Reports and 99 active PDF version

• TL-NCE: 98Report, JavaLabs, TeleLearning Site and Exchange


• Edu Database and WebMath List and WebMathSites

• JavaBean Tutorial & OpenMath Beans

• PDG: PolyMath Development Group

• NAOMI: OpenMath
with InterMath Demo and Plotter

Math in Space and HPN2000


SFU-CoLab Official Opening (Sept 23, 2002). Open Houses (Sept 25, Oct 9, Nov 29, monthly in 2003). Demos and Virtual Lab

CECM Preprints (1993-2002) and for 2003

Workshop on Special Functions in the Digital Age (Jan 23-24, 2003) (PDF Poster)

CECM Events 00-03, 99/00, 98/9, 97/8 and Mekler Lecture

• CECM Visitors & PDFS

• SFU Math is Hiring

CECM-2002 Alternate home page (CEIC) for Math-Net. The 2002 CEIC Meeting, and Best Practices (May 10 Press Release). The Beijing ICM presentations (Aug 26, 2002).

HPC@SFU 192 cpu Top500

Bugaboo(s) cluster and


CISS (Nov 4)

SFU Media Release

Top Ten Algorithms (See also Science News) and Tomorrow's Hardest Problems (Challenges for Mathematical Computing).

Projects & Clippings

CECM Interfaces

• Springer's Mathematics Unlimited (MAA Review): "Experimental Math" (PS or PDF); Images of Roots and Interface. Also MathInsight02 and a related Java applet

• SFU Math and Stats plus 1999 Putnam Results


Math 831 (2002) and Reading Course (2003) based on Two new books Mathematics by Experiment and Experimentation in Mathematics (in press)

( Edition, July 2002)

JMB Assorted

Lectures, Personal Math-Net Page, Quotes and Interfaces.

Curriculum Vitae (PostScript & PDF, including Bio), Interviews (ORB) and Maple8 Picture

Pi Files, Pi's normality (Science), Science News, and NERSC Search Pi Interface. (PDF) Bailey and Pi

Pi: A SourceBook

Experiments, Challenges & Aesthetics : Lectures, Classes and MathCamps, CMESG 25 and CMS at Work (PDF)

Canada Research Chair (2001-08).

My Bio (PostScript), AAAS Fellowship and List. Interview (National Post) and 25 Power Thinkers (BCBusiness)

CMS Executive and CISTI Advisory Board (Press Release)

Honoris Causa, Press (PDF), Photos

GFUN & AGM, Seeing Numbers, Pascal's Triangle, Cinderella and Sloane's Sequences

Courses (1997-99), and Math 833 Data (2000)

Convex Analysis & Nonlinear Optimization (CMS Springer Books)
Reviews, Addenda (PDF) Minicourse (PS or PDF) and Rue Lagrange.

Computational Convexity

A pseudo polytope and an essentially strictly convex function

Entropy Interface
Veit Elser's Phase Retrieval Challenge
and Moment+ Project

• D. Noll's Imaging & Optimization Pages

Convex Analysis

Vancouver Hospital Imaging Group and Tomography Image

Math Programming Glossary

Paul Erdos

Electronic Publishing

• Canadian Math Soc, CMS Notes & KaBol;

• CMS Springer Book Series Borwein & Phillips and other Front Covers & Series Bookmark Front & Back

Library & Search

ArXiv (LANL Math)

IMU, CEIC   December 99 Report (in PDF). EMIS, the Euler Project and MPRESS MathNet Preprints; Camel/CJM Portal, Math-Net Germany and MathGate -UK

• Meeting on Future of Math Communication'99 & Streaming Video!

• E-publishing in:
American Scientist (1998), Science (2000), Odlyzko Database, Society for Scholarly Publishing, RGMIA Inequalities and JIPAM

APuRL Advanced Publishing Laboratory and the Canadian Encyclopedia

SIAM Problems & Solutions


Pi Matters & MITACS Networking Demo


My 1st Casio Camera

MathResources Inc
AIF Funding Announcement

MathResources and

Multiple Zeta Values


EZ-Face (CGI)
EZ-Face+ (JAVA)
JavaMapleFace (Web based Maple)
Integer Relation Finder
  JavaViewLib (Maple Graphic Interface) and screen shot

See ScienceNews &
Awesome Radio and That's Math (song and text)

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SFU is Macleans' 96, 97, 98 and 00 "#1" Comprehensive University and #1 or #2 in 9 of the last 10 years.

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