Fourth Annual CEIC Meeting and Workshop
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Friday 15 February, 2002

10.00-13.00 General discussion of mission
Leader: P. Michor
• Proposal of what to produce for IMU General Assembly
• Discussion document
• Making some proposals and laying out problems

Lunch catered at Wosk Centre

14.00-17.00 Future role of journals
Leader: J. Ewing
• Some history; validation; archiving; authentication; distribution issues
• Archiving; retro-digitization;when is something published?;
• The commercial publishers: what are they doing?
• Alternative models: overlays; slashdot, PubMed, etc.)

Saturday 16 February, 2002

CEIC Workshop
(30 people)
"Managing digital information in mathematics: From journals to the gray literature."

Detailed Schedule
(PDF: Letter-size, A4)

09.00-12.00 Session I
The White (Journal) Literature
Chair: D. Morrison

Lunch expeditions -- there are many nice places near the Wosk Centre in Gas Town (central Vancouver).

14.00-17.15 Session II
The Gray Literature
Chair: J. Borwein

17.30-18.15 Guest Lecture

18.15-20.00 CEIC Reception
SFU's Official Welcome
(for Workshop and other local stakeholders)

Sunday 17 February, 2002

09.00-10.30 Copyright
Leader: W. Hodges
• What’s the right policy
(not so clear as you might think)?

11.00-12.30 Access for developing countries
Leader: K. Paranjape

• Models? definitions? problems?

Lunch catered at Wosk Centre

13.30-15.00 Communicating non-research
Leader: M. Groetschel

• Extending the idea of Math-net,
• Advanced collaborative environments

15.30-18.00 Final working session
Leader: A. van der Poorten
• Brief reports on: Math-Net, call to authors, copyright statement
• Producing a report for IMU Executive Committee and the General Assembly
• Future role and mandate of CEIC.