Graphio Applet Working Page

Along with being a programming exercise for the authour, the main motivation for this applet was to create a graphing calculator environment that students could use to explore composition of functions and perhaps orbits of points under successive compositions. Click here for some mock-ups of more or less what I was aiming for. There are two things to be aware of if you want to try this applet:
  1. Presently, the only unary operator that is hooked up is 'sin'. The others will be programmed in shortly.
  2. The applet still has a lot of "diagnostic" code in it and may run slowly on some machines.

    This applet is generated from six classes. Graphio is the foundation class. Graphio invokes CalculatorKeypad to set up the key pad which in turn invokes FunctionOutCanvas to display the user input below the graph and ParseFunctionArray to parse the function input. Output from ParseFunctionArray is passed to FunctionPlotCanvas and, when its fixed to XyTable.

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