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Island Pacific School

Doing Mathematics with Middle School Students
(a presentation to the first annual PIMS conference on "Changing the Culture", by Nathalie Sinclair)

The Inverse Symbolic Calculator

The Visual Colour Calculator

Pascal's Triangle Visualization

Proceedings of The Organic Mathematics Workshop

Roots of Polynomials Form Interface

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The MathProbe

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The Reason for this Database:

The Polymath Development Group at Simon Fraser University's Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics is involved with investigating sophisticated network-based environments for work and education in the mathematical sciences. This database and its accompanying web pages are intended as a research tool to help us, and others who share our interest, articulate a vision and philosophy of good instructional design in a network based math education environment.

The resources cited in the database are drawn from the following four areas of study:

1. teaching resources with a network-based or experimental/constructive focus

2. pedagogical commentary relating to network-based or experimental/constructive methods

3. related commentary from the field of cognitive psychology

4. related commentary from the philosophy of mathematics.

Initially, the database was intended to focus on resources and commentary related to the kindergarden to grade 12 levels. As it evolved, it became apparent that math educators at the college and university levels were confronting the same questions as their colleagues at younger levels. In view of this, restricting the database to resources that deal explicitly with K-12 math education appeared to be an artificial restraint. Presently, the balance of records in the database reflects its initial bias however, this will hopefully change as more entries are added.

At this point, the site is composed of three main components (below):

1. the database

2. an essay concerning the evolution of computer based math education (accessible but currentlly under revision).

3. a page of links to other related math education sites.

Some components soon to be added include:

1. a form designed for users to make suggestions for additions to the database

2. a page of links to related journals (below, but under construction)

3. a page of related quotes.

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