Past Members, Visitors, Students and Research Associates

NOTE: Information found on this page may be out of date
Dhavide Aruliah (Graduate Student, M.Sc.)
Frank Beaucoup (Visitor)
Trevor Bradley (Technical Associate, Junior Programmer)
Carlton Chan (Research Assistant)
Weiyu Chen (Visitor)
Evan Cooch (Visitor)
Ryan Cousineau (Technical Assistant)
Gianne Derks (Visitor)
Peter Dobcsanyi (Visitor)
Brigitte Dorner (Technical Associate, M.Sc.)
Kossi Edoh (Research Associate, Ph.D.)
David Fayegh (Technical Associate, Ph.D.)
Simon Fitzpatrick (Visitor)
Steve Funk (Technical Associate, Ph.D.)
Frank Garvan (Visitor)
John Giles (Visitor)
Daryl Hepting (Graduate Student, Ph.D.)
Jan vanden Heuvel (Visitor)
Wai Yin (Jack) Ho (Research Technician, M.Sc.)
Paul Irvine (Technical Associate, Junior Programmer)
Shahed Khalili (Research Assistant)
Jerry Kuch (NSERC Summer Student)
Mark Limber (Research Associate)
Martha Limber (Research Associate)
Leevan Ling (Graduate Student, Ph.D.)
Lixin Liu (Graduate Student, Ph.D.)
Cong Ly (Research Assistant)
Michael Maguire (NSERC Summer Student)
Roy Maltby (Graduate Student, Ph.D.)
Warren Moors (Post Doctoral Fellow)
James Nedila (Technical Assistant, Junior Programmer)
Andrei-ion Oltean (Graduate Student, M.Sc.)
Vladimir Operstein (Post Doctoral Fellow)
Jennifer Overington (Graduate Student, M.Sc.)
Sheldon Parnes (Post Doctoral Fellow)
Chris Pinner (Research Associate, Ph.D.)
Tom Rogers (Sabbatical Visitor)
Scott Sciffer (Visitor)
Yongheng Shao (Post Doctoral Fellow, Ph.D.)
Rob Scharein (Graduate Student, Ph.D.)
Matthew Spears (Summer Student)
Weiwei Sun (Post Doctoral Fellow)
Frederic Tessier (Research Assistant, Camel)
Adam van Tuyl (NSERC Summer Student)
Chiara Veronesi (Technical Assistant)
Xiang-Yang (Philip) Ye (Graduate Student, M.Sc.)
Terrance Yu (Technical Associate, Senior Programmer)
S-P Zhou (Visitor)
Zvi Ziegler (Visitor)

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