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Proposed Research Approach:

We will undertake highly modular development of the subsystems within an encompassing structure based on an expert systems manager. The basis for the manager will be a object language and database which will define the interfaces between each module. The modules will utilize established UNIX-based software for windowing, networking, databasing, graphics, communications, user interface, symbolics and numerical manipulation, text processing, etc. An emphasis will be placed on public domain software to limit costs both to the project and to potential users as well as to make the tool as architecture independent as possible.

We are considering the following for use:

Testing procedures will be determined in consultation with Education and Commications specialists experienced in the study of experimental teaching and learning techniques. The form of the studies will depend upon the specific contexts (K-12, post-secondary, research, etc.) and the implementation of the environment. It is anticipated that testing models consistent with the Harvard Project will be applicable. Local expertise is provided by Sandy Dawson of the department of Education.

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