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Project Implementations:

The resulting integrated environment will provide a flexibility in its implementation. It can be applied at a variety of levels, satisfying a wide range of learning and discovery methodologies. Although part of this project's goals is to define the potential of the environment, it is intended that it be amenable to the following users:

An isolated environment for indivdual exploration:
Local materials can be accessed and explored by the user. This is not the intended use of the environment but may be appropriate under specific cirucumstances.

A locally or remotely guided directed learning environment:
Appropriate for K-12 and post-secondary learning. Utilizes a central master process controlling the path of clients through the subject material

A network client-server environment:
Appropriate for all levels of application. Permits users to explore or discover materials at their own pace and along avenues that they choose. May or may not involve an aspect of active guidance.

An Internet-based research and exchange environment:
Appropriate for professional research. Permits users to author, exchange and integrate new and extant resources, either for students or for peers or preofessionals.

Schematic- The general structure of in both standalone and master-client models is as follows:

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