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George Andrews
Theorems for a price: tomorrow's semi-rigorous mathematical culture
by Doron Zeilberger
St Andrews: Biographical material on Pfaff

David Bailey and Simon Plouffe
A Polynomial Time,Numerically Stable Integer Relation Algorithm
MPFUN:A Portable High Performance Multiprecision Package
Numerical Results on the Transcendence of Constants Involving pi, e, and Euler's Constant
Pi: A 2000-Year Search Changes Direction
by Victor Adamchik and Stan Wagon
A passion for Pi
by Ivars Peterson
The Inverse Symbolic Calculator
On the rapid computation of various polylogarithmic constants
Experimental Evaluation of Euler Sums
List of super-indexes
St Andrews: Biographical material on Euler
Jonathan Borwein and Peter Borwein
St Andrews: Biographical material on Ramanujan
St Andrews: Biographical material on Hardy
St Andrews: Biographical material on Gauss
St Andrews: Biographical material on Archimedes
St Andrews: Biographical material on Legendre
Pi a la mode: A picture
Yahoo: Site on Pi including much trivia
50,000 Digits
Pi and other constants: Papers related to Pi by P. Borwein
Steven Finch: favorite mathematical constants
Digits of Pi: download a million

Joe Buhler
Juggling Information Service
It serves the Internet juggling community by connecting all of the juggling related resources that we can find. If you're a juggler, or want to learn to juggle, or just want some information on juggling, this is the place to be.

David Boyd
"Pisot and Salem Numbers"
Book Review from AMS with information on origins of Salem and Pisot numbers.

Henri Cohen
Tables of numberfields from Bordeaux
The read-me file for the above tables

Robert Corless
On-line index to Hardy and Wright
St Andrews: Biographical material on Poincare
St Andrews: Biographical material on Aryabhata

Frank Garvan
St Andrews: Biographical material on Dedekind

Andrew Granville
Binomial Coefficients site
Andrew Granville's own project
St Andrews: Biographical material on Fermat
St Andrews: Biographical material on Pascal

Jeff Lagarias
Keith Matthews number-theoretical and 3x + 1 problem resources.

Stan Wagon
Visual DSolve :
a package of routines for solving and visualizing ordinary differential equations
Programming Tips: Nullclines and Equilibria, Fish and Balloons :
By Dan Schwalbe and Stan Wagon, published in Mathematica in Research and Education
Orbits you can bet on :
Mathematica Notebook article by Robert Knapp and Stan Wagon

Arjeh Cohen
A tutorial :
A tutorial for the paper GL(4)-orbits in a 16-dimensional module for characteristic 3 By V. Jungic, and L. Robinson
St Andrews: Biographical material on Lie

Beverly West
St Andrews: Biographical material on Airy

Organic Mathematics Project
The History and Philosophy of Mathematics: The Context of Experimental Mathematics
links on the history and philosophy of mathematics
Knot a Braid of Links
cool page of the week for mathematics (CAMEL)
Internet, Executable Content, and the Future of Mathematical Science Communication
by Stephen P. Braham
WWWMath Discussion Group page
an email discussion group, dedicated to the subject of Mathematica and its interconnection with World-Wide-Web and HTML
Interactive Mathematica Demo
an interactive demonstration of some of Mathematica's capabilities
GP/Pari Web Interface
by Ben Davenport at Princeton
Maple Web Interface
Maple Graphics Interface
Maple Integration Interface
by Matthew Eayre at Iowa State University
HTML Mathematica
Interactive Mathematica Project
by Chris Bunio at University of Manitoba
Mathematica and Maple HTML Interfaces
by Charlie Fletcher at Naval Research Labs, Ames
ACELA: Interactive book project on Lie algebras (CAN/RIACA)
Interactive lecture notes
CNIDR - Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
HyperTex - Adding hyperlinks to TeX documents.
CTAN - TeX Archive Network; a collection of TeX-related software.
Red Sage Project - Electronic Distribution of Journals.
Knowledge Management: Refining Roles in Scientific Communication
by Richard E. Lucier
Tragic loss or good riddance? The impending demise of traditional scholarly journals
by Andrew M. Odlyzko
Tragic loss or good riddance? The impending demise of traditional scholarly journals (condensed version)
by Andrew M. Odlyzko
Roadkill on the Electronic Highway: The Threat to the Mathematical Literature
by Frank Quinn
David Dubin's work at Dept. In formation Science, University of Pittsburgh
The Perseus Project
Open Math Project
Math Net: Mathematical Software
Albatross - University of Taiwan
The Connected Curriculum Project Weber State University
Conic Sections - A Mathematica Environment at Tampere University of Technology
The Knowledge Space Project - University of California, Irvine
Communications in Visual Mathematics: A Totally Electronic Journal