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Pi: A Source Book
The aim of this book is to provide a complete history of pi from the dawn of mathematical time to the present. The story of pi reflects the most seminal, the most serious and sometimes the silliest aspects of mathematics, and a suprising amount of the most important mathematics and mathematicians have contributed to its unfolding. Pi is one of the few concepts in mathematics whose mention evokes a response of recognition and interest in those not concerned professionally with the subject. Yet, despite this, no source book on pi has been published. One of the beauties of the literature on pi is that it allows for the inclusion of very modern, yet still accessible, mathematics. Mathematicians and historians of mathematics will find this book indespensable.
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CMS Books in Mathematics
Springer-Verlag and the Canadian Mathematical Society are pleased to announce their collaboration on a new book series. This new series offers authors the joint advantages of publishing with a major mathematical society and with a leading academic publishing company. The CMS Books in Mathematics series is edited by Dr. Jonathan Borwein and Dr. Peter Borwein. Details of these titles give a good illustration of the broad variety of publications that may be anticipated within the series.
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The MathResource
The MathResource is the interactive version of The Collins Dictionary of Mathematics by Ephraim Borowski & Jonathan Borwein. The work is substantially augmented by the research of Dr. Carolyn Watters. Professors Borowski and Borwein maintained the electronic rights to their database and Professor Watters' research provided an active link to the symbolic algebra system Maple, thus allowing for the development of this very unique software tool.
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Let's Do Math: Tools and Things (Grades 4-12)
Let's Do Math: Tools and Things (Grades 4 - 12. This CD-ROM for MAC or Windows is a break through program for teachers and students. The software emphasizes the language, visualization, graphing and computational skills needed to succeed within the mathematical sciences. It consists of 175 interactive objects, complete graphing and calculating tools plus over 1,100 definitions. This gives teachers great flexibility in the presentation and motivation of material and provides students with the opportunity to really explore, prepare and understand the concepts of mathematics. Check out our interactive preview.
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Let's Do Math: Graphing and Calculating
Calculating and graphing are an important part of math education. Investing precious time learning how to use a device to produce these results is not. Let's Do Math: Graphing and Calculating provides all the necessary calculating and graphing power but without the non-transferable and steep learning curve of most graphing and calculating devices. The excellent functionality is combined with a unique Help system. This combination will have you and your students generating numeric and graphincal output within 15 minutes of installing the software.
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The MRI Graphic Calculator Software
The MRI Graphing Calculator for Windows CE provides true graphic and calculating functionality for the Casio Cassiopeia A-21S (Student) and A-22T (Teacher) versions of the Computer Extender plus the E-100 Palm-Size PC. These handheld and palm PC computers provide the power necessary for the MRI Graphing Calculator to plot thousands of points. This means that the user generates a true image of their equation instead of an approximation of the image. To test this plot sin(1/x) on your graphing calculator and then plot it on the MRI Graphing Calculator selecting 750 plot points. To generate this plot using the MRI refer to graphing capabilities.
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