Clippings etc.
Date Title Source
Nov 5, 00 SFU adds a math centre Burnaby Now - Business
Nov 3, 00 Another Piece of Pi from B.C. Math Whiz The National Post
Oct 16, 00 Handhelds Educational Programs Promise to make Pocket Computers Hum The Globe and Mail
Nov, 99 À l'occasion du Doctorat Honoris Causa décerné à Jonathan Borwein Université de Limoges
Oct 7, 99 Internet to Mars SF News
Sep 9, 99 Scholarly Journals SF News
Aug 13, 99 Explanation of Mars The Globe and Mail
Jul 15, 99 MathResources makes its mark Financial Post
Mar 26, 99 Pieces of Pi Update
Sep 10, 98 Pi Record Broken SF News
Sep, 98 Piece out of Pi Update
Aug 5, 98 Easier Way to Learn Math on Web Ottawa Citizens
Jul 8, 98 State of the Art Coquitlam Now
May 20, 98 SFU's reach The Province
Nov 13, 97 SFU Site Blossoms SF News
Aug 9, 97 Big Chunk of Pi Science News
Jul 17, 97 Eddie Award SF News
Jun 5, 97 Top Grad SF News
May, 97 Scholars on the Net University Affairs
Feb 8, 97 Pascal's Fractals Science News
Jan, 97 Obsession de Pi Pour la science
Nov, 96 The Winners Maclean's
Nov, 96 CECM Tells NBC ALL about Pi CECM News
Nov 11, 96 From Number To Formula Science News
Sep 21, 96 Real mathematics do experiments The Globe and Mail
Sep, 96 UILO helps SFU researchers bring technologies to market Research Links
Jun, 96 CECM acquires SG R10000 CECM News
Jun, 96 New Web Site Pushes Internet Boundaries Update
Jun, 96 From the Editor Newsletter
Jun 4, 96 Critic's Choice The Vancouver Sun
May 23, 96 Borweins take CUFA academic award SF News
Mar 11, 96 A Passion for Pi MathLand
Jan, 96 A Question of Numbers American Scientist
Nov 2, 95 SFU Centre's Home Page Makes Internet Top Five SF News
Oct 18, 95 Math professor figures kid can make Pi history The Globe and Mail
Jun, 95 A piece of Pi Newsletter
May, 95 Getting Knowledge Free Update
Oct 25, 94 The MomEnt + Project Newsletter
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