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Pi SymbolPiHex 6.0 betatesting

I am now opening the PiHex 6.0 betatesting to the public. Anyone who wants to can download PiHex 6.0 beta here.

As with previous versions, just unzip PiHex over the old version, and it will deal with the rest.

Those people who don't have an internet connection can still use PiHex 6.0 through the manual (ie, sneakernet) communication page here.

If you see anything that might be a bug, please tell me so that I can fix it.

UPDATE: After fixing several bugs and adding new features, I think that PiHex 6.0 might be ready for general use, so I've uploaded PIHex 6.0 RC1 (release candidate 1). If no bugs are reported in the next two weeks, I will release it.

UPDATE: PiHex 6.0 has now been released.