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Authors: Steve Dugaro (CECM) and Konrad Polthier (TU-Berlin)

JavaView provides a superior viewing environment to augment and enhance the plot of geometrical objects in Maple. It provides several features that are non-existent in the Maple plotter, such as mouse controlled scaling, translation, and auto view modes. JavaView implements arc-ball rotation, making object viewing smoother and less directionally constrained than in Maple. Furthermore, JavaView offers geometric modelling tools and multiple view windows to allow geometries to be manually manipulated in realtime over the web.

The predominant feature of the JavaviewLib is the capacity to export Maple generated models into one of two applet based viewers - one optimized for speed, the other for customizability. This greatly enhances the current state of plot object export in Maple - no longer do dynamic plots need to be converted to static images when creating html pages from Maple worksheets. One can also export plot data to a variety of other formats such as VMRL or JavaViews own XML format where data can be viewed as a markup tree or further developed upon. Efforts were made to maintain the aesthetic presentation of Maple geometries and their corresponding axes upon export. With JavaviewLib, models created in other modeling applications such as Maya and Mathematica, can easily be imported into Maple's viewing environment.