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The intent of this web page is to organize resources and information related to the development of OpenMath compliant Java based web applications for math education. The OpenMath initiative is an attempt to introduce a standard for the electronic transmission of mathematics. Because of its ability to run in web browsers operating on different platforms, the Java programming language is the current standard for web programming. Bringing OpenMath and Java together holds exciting possibilities for Mathematics Education at all levels. For example, students might use an interactive interface to conduct an investigation on a topic in mathematics and then present their results in an interactive or animated web document. Other possibilities include students collaborating on-line while using different OpenMath compliant applications or using OpenMath data from a remote server as input for an application running on their desktop.

At present, the OpenMath standard is new and in a state of coordinated development and revision. For this reason, OpenMath compliant applications and development tools are still in the experimental stage. One of the most prominent contributions to date is the PolyMath Development group's release of a set of OpenMath compliant JavaBeans. Most of the resources presented on this page relate to this set of beans.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Table of Contents
  3. OpenMath and JavaBeans: Overview and Tutorial
  4. OpenMath Links
  5. Java Programming and Graphing Calculator Links
  6. Other Related Links

OpenMath and JavaBeans: Overview and Tutorial
OpenMath and the OpenMath JavaBeans
This page introduces OpenMath and the release 0.5 OpenMath JavaBeans. It includes a basic description of JavaBeans and JavaBeans programming environments.
OpenMath JavaBeans Tutorial
This tutorial takes the user through the development of some simple applets using the release 0.5 OpenMath JavaBeans in the JavaStudio and BeanBox programming environments. A number of exercises are presented with solutions.

OpenMath Links:
This table collects links related to the OpenMath initiative. Links to XML and MathML (Mathematical Mark-up Language) web sites are found below in the "Related Links" table.

PolyMath Development Group OpenMath Page
Includes information about projects of the PDG OpenMath development team information and links to documentation and downloads.
Homepage of the North American Open Math Initiative
ESPRIT OpenMath Homepage
The ESPRIT OpenMath project is the European counterpart of NAOMI. This page includes links to demos and documentation.
OpenMath Homepage
Includes links to background information about the OpenMath initiative and early versions of CD's.

Java Programming and Graphing Calculator Links:
This table collects some links related to JavaBeans programming and Java programming in general. There is also a link to a Java based graphing calculator application which is under development. The graphing calculator was an exercise on the part of the authour to gain a better understanding of Java programming in order to make a more constructive contribution to future releases of OpenMath JavaBeans by the PDG. The graphing calculator does not currently conform to the OpenMath standard however the next step is to make it do so.

Sun's Java Intro
Sun's On-line Java tutorial and documentation. May be downloaded
Sun's JavaBean Site
Sun's main JavaBean page with news and links.
Sun's Java 1.1.7 API specs
The Java 1.1.7 API Core Specification. A JavaDoc document which includes specifications for all core packages.
Gamelan's Java 101
A (free) on-line Java course from Gamelan.
Gamelan's Applet Collection
A (free) on-line Java course from Gamelan.
Graphing Calculator by Mike Piff
(University of Sheffield)
A very nice graphing calculator applet. Includes source code.
Graphing Calculator Applet
My graphing calculator applet. It's incomplete but it won't be developed any further in its present form until it is made to conform with the current OpenMath standard.

Other Related Links:


XML, Java and the Future of the Web
By Jon Bosak of Sun Microsystems
An overview of XML and how it can interface with Java Applets.
W3C XML 1.0 Specification
Specification document for version 1.0 of XML, released December 8th, 1997
W3C MathML Overview
MathML is an XML application designed specifically to facilitate the communication of mathematics across the World Wide Web. It is being developed in cooperation with the OpenMath initiative.
MathML 1.0 Specification
Released on April 7, 1998.
Geometer's Sketchpad
Construction Grammar
Construction Grammar for Java version of Geometer's Sketchpad. (Does not conform to OpenMath Standard.)