CECM Colloquium

Usually on Wednesdays from 3:30 - 4:30 in K9509, SFU

Department of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University


Winter-Spring-Summer 2004 Schedule

May, 2004:

June, 2004:

Fall 2003 Schedule

September, 2003:

October, 2003:

November, 2003:

December, 2003:

Winter-Spring-Summer 2003 Schedule

January, 2003:

15 Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, Michael Monagan, Allan Wittkopf, "What's new in Maple 7 and Maple 8" Abstract.

28 Nantel Bergeron, "Quasi-symmetric polynomials and Temperley-Lieb inv ariants and covariants" Abstract. Note change of day to Tuesday.

February, 2003:

19 GLEN VAN BRUMMELEN (Bennington College), "Trigonometry In Medieval I slam, From Start To Finish" Abstract.

26 Jonathan Borwein, "The Life of Pi" Abstract.

March, 2003:

7 Greg Buck (Saint Anselm College), "Physical knots" Abstract.

April, 2003:

16 Richard Fateman (Berkeley), "High-level Proofs of Mathematical Progr ams Using Automatic Differentiation, Simplification, and some Common Sense" Abstract.

June, 2003:

11 Richard Crandall (Reed College), "Digitally motivated analysis: New results in transcendency theory " Abstract, and
Alf van der Poorten, "An introduction to continued fractions of quadratic irrationals" Abstract.

July, 2003:

11 Allan Steel (Univerity of Sydney), "Primary Decomposition and Multivariate Factorization over Algebraic Function Fields of Small Characteristic" Abstract,

Fall 2002 Schedule


11 "CECM Introductory Meeting" in K9509. There will be refreshments after in CECM.

18 John Sember, ``Win with Arithmetic at the Track''.


16 Harry Coonce (Talk in CoLab), ``The Mathematics Genealo gy Project : 5 Years, 58,000 Records, What's Next?'' Abstract.


13 Branko Curgus, "Perturbations of roots of polynomials " Abstract. Abstract in PDF.

20 Luis N. Vicente, "Error Estimates And Poisedness In Multivariate Pol ynomial Optimization And Derivative-Free Optimization"Abstract.

Winter-Spring-Summer 2002 Schedule


21 Carolyn Watters, "But I'm on my PDA: Cross Platform Collaboration." Abstract.

30 Huang Minh (Lille), "The algorithmic and combinatoric aspects of functional equations for polylogarithms." Abstract.


20 Alf van der Poorten, "Paperfolding, automata, and rational functions."Abstract.

27 Greg Reid, "Geometric Completion of Differential Systems using Numeric-Symbolic Continuation" Abstract.


6 Candidate Interview at 2:30, No Colloquium.

13 Jonathan Jedwab, "Designing the IEEE 802.12 transmission code." Abstract.

27 Larry Nazareth, "Multialgorithms: a new paradigm for optimization." Abstract.


24 Jonathan Jedwab, "Combinatorial Design Theory in an Industrial Research Lab." Abstract.


15 Julie Tolmie, "Some thoughts on formal notation and methodologies for working (collaboratively) in perceptual environments." Abstract.

15 Yury Brychkov (Moscow), "Differentiation of special functions with respect to parameters." Abstract.


26 Robert Israel (UBC/CECM), "The Hundred Dollar, Hundred Digits Challenge problems." Abstract.


3 Richard Crandall (Reed College), "The games that entropy plays." Abstract.

24 Mark van Hoeij (Florida State University), "Factoring polynomials by computing 0-1-vectors with lattice reduction." Abstract.

Fall 2001 Schedule


12 Everyone on "Introduction to (Pure) Mathematics and to CECM." Abstract.

19 Kazimierz Goebel (Lublin), "Minimal displacement and optimal retraction problems in Banach spaces." Abstract.


3 Jonathan Borwein, "Why Math is (Still) Hard: Challenges in Mathematical Computing." Abstract.

17 Chris Smyth (Edinburgh), "Pisot numbers and Coxeter graphs." Abstract.

31 Roland Girgensohn (Germany), "A survey of results and open problems on the Schilling equation." Abstract.


7 Dominikus Noll (Toulouse), "Robust control via nonlinear optimization." Abstract.

14 Terry Stanway, "Mathematical Knowledge and the Mathematical Community in the Morse Galaxy." Abstract.

21 Will Galway, "Computing the Riemann Zeta Function by Numerical Quadrature." Abstract.

Spring-Summer 2001 Schedule


24 J. Borwein, "Multi-variable Sinc Integrals and the Volumes of Polyhedra." Abstract.

31 E. Gethner, "MC Escher Inspires a Coloring Problem of a Different Colour: Art, Computer Science and Mathematics Collide." Abstract.


7 "Open Discussion: the Future of CECM."Abstract.

14 Kevin O'Neill, "Linking communities of practice through on-line mentoring."Abstract.

21 Stephen Choi, "Small Prime Solutions of Quadratic Equations."Abstract.

28 Pavol Hell, "List Homomorphisms and Partitions."Abstract.


7 Martin Siegert, "Introduction to Parallel Programming Using the Message Passing Interface." Abstract.

9 Friday, Manfred Minimair, "Efficiently Computing Resultants of Composed Polynomials." Abstract.

14 Len Berggren, "Irrational numbers: A cross-cultural comparison of some ancient and medieval approximations."

21 Imin Chen, "Bounding torsion subgroups of elliptic curves."Abstract.

28 Discrete Math Double Header (2.30-4.30),
William Evans, "Recovering lines with fixed linear probes"
Petr Lisonek, "Classification of Binary Linear Codes with Small Codimension"Abstracts.


4 Discrete Math, Veselin Jungic, "Diophantine Ramsey Theory and Recurrence in Dynamical Systems"Abstract.

11 Michael Monagan, "Buchberger's algorithm for Groebner bases."Abstract.


16 Michael Monagan, "Buchberger's algorithm for Groebner bases."Abstract.

23 Jan P. Hogendijk, "The hour line controversy in Islamic geometry." Abstract.


18 Richard E. Crandall "Dynamical theory of random digits" Abstract.

Fall 2000 Schedule


13 J. Borwein "Experimental Math and Exact Computation." Abstract.

20 No Colloquium

27 M. Monagan "How do Computer Algebra Systems Implement Mathematical Algorithms?" Abstract.


04 P. Borwein "Some Old Problems in Computational and Diophantine Number Theory." Abstract.

11 I. Chen "The role of analysis in algebraic number theory."Abstract.

18 R. Goebel "Hamiltonian differential inclusions for convex problems of optimal control."Abstract.

25 F. Clarke "The Feedback Problem in Control Theory." Abstract. (Seminar on 26th)


01 No Colloquium

08 D. Muraki "Computational Models for Understanding Weather". Abstract.

15 Robert Scharein (UBC) "Interactive Knot Theory with KnotPlot." Abstract.

22 P. Lisonek "Algorithms for Generation of Discrete Structures." Abstract.


1:30 - 2:20 Prabhakar Raghavan "Networks and Sub-Networks in the World-Wide Web" and

2:35 - 3:25 Romeo Rizzi "Indecomposable $r$-graphs and some other counterexamples" Abstract.